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Many utility programs will offer a signup rebate as a thank you for your participation. Once you sign up, your utility will make minor adjustments to your smart thermostat during peak energy use in your area, usually on the hottest summer days. Your thermostat will pre-cool your home so that you stay comfortable while your thermostat’s setpoint adjusts by a couple of degrees for a short time. Because you’re helping your utility manage the demand on the energy grid, you may get annual rewards, too.

Peak energy use during the summer tends to happen between 3 p.m. – 8 p.m. so most utilities run their programs between those times. Please check your utility's webpage for specific times in your area. Your thermostat will pre-cool your home before those peak usage times so that your home stays comfortable. Plus, you'll always have the control to change the temperature at any time.

This varies by utility. Some utilities will mail a check or gift card in the mail in about 6-8 weeks. Some utilities will apply the rebate as a credit on your next month's energy bill.

Your thermostat and app will show a message on its screen before a savings event is scheduled so you have a heads up. It will also show a message during the event, and you can click "opt out" at either of these times. If you'd like to un-enroll from the whole program, you can contact your utility to remove your thermostat.

In the worst case, a grid emergency can lead to a blackout that leaves you and your family with no power (no lights, no air conditioning, no heat, etc.). Not to mention the economic toll a blackout can have on local businesses. If we all chip in, we can prevent this from happening. These programs can also help keep rates lower. As more energy is needed in an area, utilities would have to build more power plants and grid infrastructure. We all have to pay for that in the form of higher electric bills and the impact to the environment, so a little help goes a long way.

That depends on the weather, the location and other factors, and will be detailed in the terms and conditions of the agreement with your utility. We limit the number of times you will be asked to help (i.e., the number of times we'll allow your property to get warmer or cooler than the comfort settings). Again, even during grid emergencies, these programs keep properties within a few degrees of a customer's comfortable setting.