Why can't I connect my WiFi 9000 Color Touchscreen Thermostat to WiFi ?

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Trouble connecting?

If you are unable to complete the WiFi connection process, attempt the following before proceeding:

Attempt to connect and register the thermostat to a mobile hotspot. This allows the registration data to bypass any network security that may be causing the connection failure. Once successfully registered, a WiFi Reset can be performed to move the thermostat to the home WiFi network.


WiFi Network Recommendations:

If you experience inability to connect, failure to register, or frequent WiFi signal loss, verify the following:

*You may need assistance from your Internet Service Provider to verify/ change some settings*

2.4GHz bandwidth Network only (Simultaneous 2.4/5GHz networks that experience connectivity failure may require a separate dedicated 2.4 GHz network to be calibrated)

Connect directly to the router signal – Not recommended for use with signal booster, satellites, or extenders.

Business Networks (Enterprise networks, guest networks, or networks that require logging in via a web page/portal) are not supported.

Gateways or Network switches can block some traffic to Honeywell / resideo and are not supported.

Recommended WPA2-AES Network Security Protocol

DHCP Enabled – Static networks not supported

UPnP / P2P Enabled

Band-Steering Disabled


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