What is Facial Recognition?

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Smart Home Security is like a part of the family – it can recognize familiar faces. We offer facial recognition for two faces during a two-hour block of time each day. This means, for example, you can get alerted when your two teens arrive home from school between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., so you automatically know everything’s okay without having to check in. Additionally, the system will alert you if someone it doesn’t recognize arrives home, letting you know you should investigate further. We intend to offer more services around this feature later in the year.




How to set up your Camera Base Station

How to use the Base Station

Fun things to try with your base station

How to use Facial Recognition

How to set up your Access Sensors

How to add a Motion Sensor

How to place your sensors on uneven doors and windows

How to configure customize your system

How to replace the battery

*This video applies to Android users only at this time. iOS users from the main home display, need to go to: Security > Settings (cog icon) > Sensors > Add


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