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What do the various lights and sounds on Smart Home Security Base Station mean?

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Camera Base Station uses a variety of lights and sounds as a way to notify you about what's happening in and around your home. Here are some of the most common patterns:

  • A momentary white light when the system mode has changed to HOME
  • A momentary green light followed by a slow, blinking green light during Entry or Exit delay — you'll also hear dings to match the blinking light
  • A constant green light when the system is in AWAY mode
  • A momentary purple light followed by a slow, blinking purple light as the system is switching to NIGHT mode — you'll also hear dings to match the blinking light
  • A pulsing yellow light when a firmware update is available
  • A fluttering amber or red light when the system notices something abnormal and is trying to grab your attention
    • You can dismiss this alert by tapping on the Action button, which is located at the center of the touch-sensitive surface on top of Camera Base Station
    • When tapped, Camera Base Station may announce the issue at hand, or ask you to check our app on your phone for details
  • A blue light followed by a spinning sky blue light when you're using voice control


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