What are the features on my RTH6500WF Smart Series Programmable Thermostat?

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A complete list of all features and functions is available for the RTH6580WF1 in the User Guide here (or TH6320WF1 Install Guide here). We’ve outlined a few of the common features below:

  • Hold
  • Scheduling
  • Smart Response
  • Clock
  • Temperature Scale
  • Auto Changeover
  • Reset

When using a schedule, the thermostat enables the Hold feature. Two types of Holds are available, Temporary and Permanent.
Adjust the temperature setting on your thermostat display. A “HOLD UNTIL” message will appear, followed by the time of the next schedule change. Press the HOLD button to enable Permanent Hold, which will keep the new temperature indefinitely. Press the Cancel button to remove the Hold status.


The user guide has detailed steps on using the schedule for your thermostat. Click here to access the RTH6580WF1 user guide (the process is the same for the TH6320WF1).

Smart Response Technology: (also referred to as Smart Recovery, Smart Start, and Adaptive Intelligent Recovery)

The thermostat has the option to begin your schedule setting changes early in order to reach your desired temperature at the start of the schedule period. When active, the thermostat “learns” how long it takes to reach setpoint within your home, and starts heating or cooling early. (ex. “My home is 65° at night, but set to 70° at 7:00a.m.” Rather than waiting until 7:00a.m. to start warming up, Recovery begins Heating the home early [based on its algorithm and learned behavior] and starts heating the home at 6:00a.m., reaching the 70° setting by 7:00a.m.)


When connected to WiFi, the thermostat displays the local time based on the account creators Zip Code (as related to Time Zone). When not connected to WiFi, the clock can be configured on the thermostat display when powered up.

Temp Scale:

You can adjust the temperature display settings at any time. Display temperatures are available in Fahrenheit or Celsius

Auto Changeover:

The changeover feature (also referred to as Changeover) allows your thermostat to automatically switch from heating to cooling, or vice versa, depending on the temperature in your home. The thermostat has a mandatory 1.5° differential or “swing”, so even if you set your thermostat heating temp to 70° and the cooling temp to 70° and turn changeover on, the temperature must rise or fall at least 1.5° before the thermostat will switch modes. (For the previous example, the temperature would have to climb to 71.5 degrees)


The thermostat has 2 reset options: Factory or Schedule

Restore Original Settings (Factory Reset): clears all of the thermostats programming and resets it to factory defaults

*Prior to performing a Factory Reset, we recommend recording your current ISU configuration (see Setup and Configuration)

Schedule reset: clears the schedule and resets it to the daily default schedule listed below:

Wake   6:00a.m. Cool 78   Heat 70
Away   8:00a.m. Cool 85   Heat 62
Home   6:00p.m. Cool 78   Heat 70
Sleep   10:00p.m.   Cool 82   Heat 62


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