Why is my thermostat display showing "wait," "waiting for equipment," or flashing "cool on"?

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Why is my thermostat display showing “wait,” “waiting for equipment,” or flashing “cool on”?

Each thermostat model has a different display message when a delay occurs. This delay can be up to five minutes under normal operating conditions. A delay is used to protect your heating and cooling equipment from coming on too quickly (known as short cycling), which can cause damage.

How long will thermostat blinking “cool on” last?

The thermostat has a built-in compressor protection (minimum off timer) that prevents the compressor from restarting too early after a shutdown. The minimum off timer is activated after the compressor turns off. The thermostat keeps the compressor off for a few minutes before restarting, to prevent equipment damage.

What if “Cool on” blinking lasting longer than five minutes on my thermostat?

If the delay lasts longer than five minutes, there may be an issue with the voltage to the thermostat. A professional contractor could verify that the voltage is within an acceptable range and that there are not shorted wires. For more information, please see our No Cool article here.

Wait message thermostat

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