I installed my Lyric thermostat recently and my battery is already dead?

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There may be a problem with your wiring or system configuration. First, check your wiring. Physically pull on each wire to confirm that it's fully seated in the terminal block. Ensure that the wire is stripped back to a minimum of 1/4 inch of exposed metal. Confirm that all wires are in the appropriate terminals based on your documentation of your previous thermostat and your installation and wiring of your Lyric thermostat. Second, check whether there is a wire in the C terminal. This terminal provides power to your Lyric. If you have a wire in the C terminal but are still experiencing excessive battery use, you will need to contact either your contractor or Lyric Technical Support at 1-800-633-3991. If you do not have a wire in the C terminal, check your heating and cooling system configuration in the Lyric app. Your Lyric will draw power from your heating and cooling systems to supplement its battery, and if its configuration does not match your system, you may experience excessive battery use. Go to your Lyric app, tap the menu button, and select the gear next to your thermostat location name. Choose Thermostats, select your thermostat name and check your Thermostat Configuration. If the configuration is not correct, tap Reconfigure Thermostat. The app will walk you through the process of fully reconfiguring your thermostat. Example: If you have only a heating system, but your Lyric is configured for a heating system and a cooling system, please adjust your configuration so the Lyric can appropriately assess its power needs.


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