How do I mount my Lyric on the wall?

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To mount your Lyric on the wall, first remove your old thermostat from the wall and ensure that you have recorded your current wiring configuration. You can find directions for safely doing so [here]. Next, decide if you wish to use the trim ring to cover blemishes on the wall left by the old thermostat. If you do, align the screw holes and snap the trim ring and wallplate together. Now you're ready to install the Lyric!

  1. Thread the wires through the hole in the center of the wallplate and mount the wallplate to the wall, ensuring that it's level by confirming that the bubble of the self-contained level is between the two lines.
  2. Screw the wallplate in place using the included hardware.
  3. Follow the directions within the Lyric app to insert the wires into their corresponding terminals based on your unique wiring.
  4. Firmly slide each wire into its corresponding terminal and ensure it is secure by gently tugging.
  5. Adjust the slider tabs on the left and right of the wallplate as directed by the Lyric app based on your R-wire installation. If your old thermostat has only one R-wire connected, push the slider tab up. If it had two R-wire connections, push the slider tab down.
  6. Attach the thermostat by gently pressing it to the wallplate. Congratulations! You have successfully mounted your Lyric on the wall. Now turn the power to your unit back on and begin configuring your thermostat following the directions in the Lyric app.


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