Why didn't my Lyric's geofence trigger when I crossed the boundary?

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The Lyric app uses your smartphone's location services to know when you cross the geofence boundary. If your phone has any connection issues or interrupted data services at that moment, it can prevent it from triggering at the proper time.
Check the following possible issues:

  • Is your app running? You need to be logged in to the Lyric app. It does not need to be in the foreground, but you need to be logged in. If you've restarted your phone recently, check by opening the Lyric app. Are you asked to enter your username and password? If so, you were logged out. If Lyric automatically logs you in and you can see the status of your thermostat(s), you are good to go.
  • Is your thermostat online? If your home network is down, the geofence crossing can't be communicated to the thermostat and therefore you won't see anything happen to your setpoints.
  • Location services: Confirm that your smartphone's location services are enabled. Use the highest accuracy mode available; battery saving modes will reduce accuracy, increasing the chance that your phone will inaccurately assess our location in relation to the geofence boundary.
  • Simultaneous voice and data: Some smartphones are unable to send and receive data while you are on a phone call. If your smartphone has this restriction, Lyric will not be able to determine your location while you are on a call and will not trigger geofencing.
  • Are you sharing the same account on multiple mobile devices? Each mobile device running the Lyric app needs to be logged in using a unique Lyric account. Sharing accounts across multiple users or multiple mobile devices can affect location service performance.
  • Low connectivity: Your smartphone may not be able to confirm its location when it crosses the geofence boundary and won't trigger your home or away settings.


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