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What thermostats are eligible?

How Do I Enroll?

How Do I Unenroll?


*Offers will vary by region / utility provider* Click here to search for savings available from your utility provider.

**Offerings are only applicable to devices currently connected to WiFi and registered with the Resideo App – refer to our Support Center or your User Guide for assistance with the initial installation and setup of your device**

For further questions on utility programs please check with your utility provider.


What thermostats are eligible?

Rebates from utility providers are available within the Resideo App for the following models:


To Enroll / Sign-Up:

Sign up can be completed in the Resideo App at any time via "Rebates Available" card.

Screenshot - Rebate available.


Or via the "Find Rebates" option in the Main Menu

  1. Open your Resideo App
  2. Click "Find Rebate" in the App menu.
  3. Select your energy provider program.
  4. Select your device and verify your name, address and zip code are accurate.
  5. Click submit!

Can't find your energy provider? Offers are based on zip codes, please verify yours is accurate in the App.

Need the Resideo App? Visit Google Play or iTunes to download and install it on your mobile device.

Download on the app store Google Play button



To Unenroll:

Unenrollment can be completed through your Utility provider.



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