If my TH/RTH6000 or TH8320/RTH8000 Wi-Fi thermostat loses the Internet connection, how do I get it reconnected?

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If your thermostat lost its Internet connection, first try unplugging it from the wall plate. Wait for at least one minute, and then put it back on.

If the thermostat did not reconnect, take it off the wall and turn off your router. Wait for one minute, then turn on the router and put the thermostat back on the wall (it is important that you do it in this order).

If the thermostat still hasn't connected, try the following steps to reconnect the Wi-Fi:
1. Enter the setup menu for your thermostat, either by pressing and holding the "More" button or pressing and holding the "Fan" and "Up" buttons until the screen changes to show two sets of numbers.
2. Navigate to Function 38 or 890 and make sure the setting is set to 1.
3. Navigate to function 39 or 0900 and change the setting to 0.
4. The screen will flash "Wi-Fi setup."
5. Now go into a Wi-Fi capable device, such as a smartphone, desktop or tablet.
6. In the Wi-Fi capable device's Wi-Fi or network settings, display all of the networks around you.
7. Find and connect to the network called "NewThermostat_123456" (the last six numbers may be different).
8. Once you are connected to the network "NewThermostat_123456," you may be automatically redirected to the "Thermostat Wi-Fi Setup" page.
9. If the "Thermostat Wi-Fi Setup" page does not open on its own, open a web browser and enter in the address bar.
10. The "Thermostat Wi-Fi Setup" page will ask you to find your home Wi-Fi network and connect to it.
11. Now check the thermostat for the connection status. Note that this can take up to three minutes.

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