How do I operate the First Alert App?

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Locations, Users, and Device Management

The First Alert app uses "Locations" to group devices together.
Locations can be created / selected during the "+ Add Device" step.
For most Users, 1 location (typically the home address) is set up, and they can add all their devices to the "Home" location for ease of use.
Users with multiple locations (ex. – I have my doorbell and thermostat in my Home, but I want to monitor my summer/ winter home with a wifi thermostat, leak detector, etc. as well) are recommended to create multiple locations (One called "Home", one called "Summer House", for example) Devices can be registered to the proper location to group devices for the best control.

User Management:

Each user should have their own login / account. It is not recommended to share accounts, or to log in on multiple devices. New accounts can be created from the First Alert app login screen.

Once a location is created and devices are added, Users can also add / invite other Users to specific locations. (Ex. – I want my partner or family to be able to control / monitor my home location)

Users can be added or removed by selecting the Menu (top left), selecting "My Locations", select the desired location, then selecting "+ Invite User" and entering their email address. (Invited users will receive an invitation email and be prompted to download the First Alert app and set up an account)
Users can be removed by selecting the added user, selecting Options (top right), then selecting "Remove user" or "Cancel Invitation".

Device Management
The First Alert app divides devices into 3 categories, depending on their primary function:

Water -
L1 Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector (RWLD3001-001, CHW3610W8001)
L2 Wi-Fi Water Sensor Switch (TWLD3005-001) -
L5 Wi-Fi Water Leak Shutoff Valve (VWS01Y / VWS02Y)

Water Detection, notification, and shutoff to prevent and mitigate damage from water leaks.
*Please see device literature for complete details
These devices can work in tandem for greater control. (ex. Using the "Leak Detection" feature in the app, an L1 device that senses water can tell an L5 shutoff valve to close to prevent further leakage)

Video -
VX1 HD Video Doorbell (CAMW-WDB)
VX3 HD Outdoor Camera (CAMWE-WO)

Visual / sound notification and storage for convenience and home awareness.
*Please see device literature for complete details.

Offers customizable detection (people, packages, animals, and vehicles), sound-based detection, and downloadable clips.

Air -
T5/T6 Smart Thermostat (RCHT8610WF, TH6220WF2006, TH6320WF2003)
T9/T10/T10+ Pro Wi-Fi Thermostat (RCHT9610WFSW2003, THX321WF2001, THX321WF3001)
Temperature detection, notification, and control for comfort.
*Please see device literature for complete details.
Functionality / compatibility varies by model.


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