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How do I connect my TH6320WF / RTH6580WF thermostat to the Wi-Fi network?

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You need one of the following: a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.

Follow these steps to connect your TH6320WF / RTH6580WF thermostat to the Wi-Fi network:

1. First, verify “WI-FI SETUP” is displayed across the top of the screen of the thermostat. If the message “WI-FI SETUP” is not displayed on the screen, follow these instructions:

a. Press the FAN and UP button simultaneously, as seen in the image bellow, for approximately 3 seconds.

WI-FI SETUP TH6320WF / RTH6580WF thermostat

b. On the new screen two numbers will be displayed. Change the number on the left of the screen to 39 by pressing the NEXT button several times. Change the number on the right of the screen to 0 (zero) by pressing the UP or DOWN arrows. After setting the numbers, press DONE (first button from the left). This action will put the thermostat in the Wi-Fi setup mode.

RTH6580WF buttons

2. After enabling Wi-Fi setup mode, view the list of available Wi-Fi networks on your wireless device – tablet, laptop or smartphone – and select the network called “NewThermostat_123456” (the number will vary.) Please note that this action will disconnect your mobile device from your local Wi-Fi network and connect it to the thermostat. This step is required. After joining, if you are asked to specify a home, public or office network, select “Home Network.”

3. After joining the network, open your web browser to access the Thermostat Wi-Fi Setup page, where you can connect your thermostat to the Wi-Fi network. The browser of your mobile device should automatically direct you to the correct page; if it doesn’t, type the following address in your web browser:

4. In the new page, find the name of your home network and select it. Some routers have enhanced features such as guest networks; use your home network. Click CONNECT to join the Wi-Fi network. The message "Wait" will be displayed on the screen of the thermostat, and the process should be completed after a short waiting period. Please note that if your network is protected by a password, you will need to insert this password to connect your thermostat.

For a more detailed description of the process of connecting your TH6320WF / RTH6580WF thermostat to the Wi-Fi network, please read this detailed guide.

Also, please take a few minutes to watch this video for a visual guide on how to enroll your thermostat to the Wi-Fi network.


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