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Press up or down on the buttons with triangles to immediately adjust the temperature. This will temporarily override the temperature setting for the current scheduled time period. “Temporary” will appear on the display. The new temperature will be used until the next scheduled time period begins.

Press up or down on the buttons with triangles to immediately adjust the temperature.

To permanently override the schedule, press the up or down buttons until your desired temperature is displayed. Then, press the Hold button to maintain the new temperature indefinitely. The word Hold will appear on the screen.

Press the Run button to cancel either the temporary or permanent override setting and resume the schedule. The word Hold will disappear, and the thermostat will be set to the temperature programmed for the current scheduled period. Also, ensure that the heat or cool switch is set to your desired run mode.

To permanently override the schedule. Press the Run button


Understanding the set point

It’s important to remember that the set point is the temperature you program for different needs throughout the day. You may want a higher set point for waking in the morning and a lower one if you are gone during the day. Also, realize set points will differ from heating to cooling run modes.

After you choose the desired set point temperature, press Hold. After 5 seconds, the thermostat will change from displaying your set point (indicated by Set next to the temperature) to the current room temperature. This is normal. Know that it may take some time for your heating or cooling system to reach your set point temperature.

User Manual for Pro 2000 Series -

Owner's manual for Retail 2000 Series -


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