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What is Honeywell's 10-Year Clean Coil Guarantee?

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Honeywell guarantees that your evaporative cooling coil will remain free of dust and debris for 10 years following the installation date of your Electronic Air Cleaner, provided that:

1. The Electronic Air Cleaner has been installed and maintained according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

2. The Electronic Air Cleaner was installed on a new HVAC system or that the evaporative coil was cleaned at the time of or prior to its installation.

If your coil requires cleaning within 10 years of the installation, Honeywell will pay 50% of the cost to have the coil professionally cleaned by a qualified heating/cooling contractor, up to $100 U.S. Dollars. If you need to file a claim for coverage under the Clean Coil Guarantee, provide full documentation of the date of installation of the Electronic Air Cleaner, as well as documentation of the date of installation of the system or the cleaning of the evaporative coil.


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