Does weather really make that much of an impact on my heating and cooling costs?

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Yes, it does. The HVAC system and the quality of construction and materials in your house matter more. But beyond that, temperature, humidity, wind, and solar are the next largest factors in determining how much you pay to keep a home comfortable day and night. Therefore, a more precise understanding of current and expected local weather conditions, and how a home will react to them allows Resideo Energy Care to optimize energy use and lower energy bills.

Weather has a big impact to the thermodynamics of every home – changing how long it takes to heat up or cool down; how much heat or cooling is lost through walls, windows, and cracks; and how much energy is required to keep occupants comfortable. For example, the amount of energy an air conditioning unit uses to cool a home varies with outside air temperature. The hotter it is outside, the harder the air conditioner must work to keep the building cool.


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