Can I turn energy care off in the home?

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There are several ways to have Resideo Energy Care stop adjusting your thermostat. All of these are options available per enrolled thermostat, and action on one will not impact any other thermostats you may have receiving the service. 

  • If you want a different temperature in your house than the current setpoint for a short amount of time, you can adjust it using the temperature arrows on the face of the thermostat or mobile app. Resideo Energy Care will learn from this if you are overriding one of its adjustments.
  • If you want your thermostat to hold a specific setpoint temperature for an indefinite amount of time, adjust the temperature and switch to a Permanent Hold. This will prevent normal programmed setpoint changes from occurring as well as Resideo Energy Care. Make sure you disable the Permanent Hold when you're ready for the service to begin again so Resideo Energy Care can get back to saving you energy.
  • If you want to pause all Resideo Energy Care adjustments to your setpoint schedule for an indefinite amount of time, you can use the "Pause / Resume" toggle button in the Connected Savings portal.  


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