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PROSIXSMOKE Two-Way Wireless Smoke Detector


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PROSIXSMOKE Two-Way Wireless Smoke Detector


Easy to Install. Easy to Maintain

Designed for systems that support PROSiX Two-Way Wireless Technology, these devices deliver significant advantages—including faster installation, easier troubleshooting, remote diagnostics and increased RMR. The suite of next-generation devices includes motion, smoke and glassbreak detectors, door/window sensors, two-way wireless key and siren.

Works with Total Connect 2.0 App

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Product Overview

Product Overview

Next generation, two-way, encrypted wireless peripherals which are easy to install, support remote diagnostics and updates to reduce truck rolls, and are secured with Lyric Lock to protect accounts from competitive takeover.

  • PROSiX™ sensors feature a battery pull-tab, auto-enrollment and no-touch adjust to speed installation and eliminate errors.
  • Devices can be configured remotely as needed, reducing the need to schedule on-site visits.
  • The System Health Check feature lets you monitor device signal strength, sensor settings, and battery life anytime, anywhere via AlarmNet 360™, letting you quickly and proactively troubleshoot.
  • PROSiX Two-Way Wireless Technology employs true, 128-bit AES encryption for a high level of security.
  • Reduce truck rolls with user-replaceable batteries and the ability to remotely adjust sensor parameters and download software updates.
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PROSIXSMOKE Two-Way Wireless Smoke Detector
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