DAS Security Camera


Smart Home Security system

An all-in-one security system, monitored and installed by you – helping to protect the people and things you love.

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Honeywell's latest security system to help you protect the people and things you love

Honeywell Smart Home Security means you can now monitor your home yourself thanks to easy set-up and an intelligent base station that connects to multiple sensors, with Amazon Alexa integrated. The system knows who's coming and going thanks to facial recognition*, and the powerful camera captures video of what's happening when you're not there.

*Functionality not currently available; expected 2018
*Function not available in Illinois or otherwise where prohibited by law

DAS protects
DAS protects

Home security you install yourself

Can't tell drywall from a firewall? No problem. Our system is simple to set up, install and operate yourself. It's easy to maintain and move, too: All its current accessories are powered by batteries that last up to two years (depending on usage) with no complicated wiring.

145° Wide-Angle view in 1080pHD

The systems built-in camera lets you watch more of what's happening when you're not home. Just choose the right spot and the powerful 145° wide-angle live video stream shows you the bigger picture in pin-sharp 1080p high definition.

Night Vision

Security doesn't stop when the sun goes down. Our systems night vision mode and incredible picture clarity helps you keep an eye out for things that go bump in the night, for even more awareness.

DAS protects

Facial* & Audio recognition

We all want to know our loved ones are safe when they're home alone. Facial recognition* can identify family and friends, telling you when your kids return safely or if there's someone in the home it doesn't recognize. You will be alerted to specific or unusual sounds, such as specific smoke alarms or a cying baby.

*Functionality not currently available; expected 2018
*Function not available in Illinois or otherwise where prohibited by law

DAS protects

Voice Control & Amazon Alexa

One of the most natural ways to interact with anything is to speak to it. With the Smart Home Security System, you can just say "OK Security, I'm leaving," and it will automatically switch to "away" mode. Voice commands that control security modes are processed directly via the base station to ensure secure operation.

Working with Amazon, our base station delivers the same high-quality Alexa* experience, including an omnidirectional speaker and an array of three microphones so you can ask questions, check the weather, and play music*, just as you would with any Alexa device.

*Functionality not currently available; expected 2018

Two-Way Audio

For extra awareness, the handy two-way audio function lets you keep in touch with your home and family wherever you may be. So if you see your playful pet eating the mail, you can tell them to stop – right there and then.

DAS protects

Smart Home Integration

With Honeywell, it's easy to design your own smart home. Just connect devices and services as you need them – even from other leading brands. The Smart Home Security System has a robust roadmap for integration and APIs, with launch partners such as Amazon Alexa and IFTTT.

The system also includes Z-Wave integration. This gives you another way to control your Z-Wave compatible lights, and it lets your system operate them automatically as part of its deterrence and security modes.

DAS is easy to setup

Grows with your needs

Our innovative system adapts to suit your ever-changing needs. Motion sensors can extend the reach of the Smart Home Security System and the innovative battery powered indoor and outdoor MotionViewers™ provide video clips to see what caused the alert in the first place.

DAS protects

On-Demand Storage

Your Smart Home Security System includes 24 hours of free rolling cloud storage of your video alerts, and you can extend that with StoragePlus. Subscriptions will be offered via the app and can be activated any time, with no commitment beyond the duration you choose.

*Functionality not currently available; expected 2018

DAS protects

Control it all with the Lyric™ App

You can control your Honeywell Smart Home Security System using the handy Lyric App. Available for Android and iOS, you can easily manage your Honeywell connected devices from a single app.

DAS protects

Simple Set-Up

The Lyric App is easy to use, with preconfigured commands and a wide choice of settings and scenes, giving you control of your all-in-one system.

Location-Based Control

Using geofencing technology, the app is aware of your smartphone's location, and can change system modes accordingly as you come and go.

Family Access

You can share control of your connected home security with your family, helping to ensure the location-based controls work even better based on who is (or isn't) at home.


The Lyric app is designed to be as dynamic as your day. Program it to set your lights* and compatible Honeywell thermostats to your preferred schedule for the week ahead – then let it adjust on the fly as your plans change.

*Functionality not currently available; expected 2018

Shows what's happening at home

Our system can help keep you aware of what's going on at home. On vacation? See what the dog's doing to your living room. Working late? Check in remotely to see that the kids got home from soccer practice.

DAS protects


Our innovative system is simple to install and maintain, and can be adapted to suit your ever-changing needs. Just add more sensors so you can see and hear more of what's happening around your home.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors extend the reach of your Smart Home Security System. The innovative indoor and outdoor MotionViewers™ provide video clips of the motion they detect, so you can see what caused the alert in the first place.

  • MotionViewers include night vision with two infrared-illumination LEDs.
  • Battery operated with wireless communication. No wiring or power cables required. Easy to mount in a wide variety of locations.
  • MotionViewers provide a brief video clip of each motion alert so you can see for yourself when it was just a dog chasing a squirrel.
  • Indoor MotionViewer includes wall mount and table top stand for diverse uses, including corner walls, book shelves and counter tops.

Window/Door Contact Sensors

With access sensors, the system can let you know when doors or windows are opened, and it can even alert you that a door or window isn't closed when you leave home.

  • Spread spectrum, interactive, AES-encrypted wireless technology provides optimum signal integrity and security.
  • Supervised – transmits a check-in / status signal every eight minutes, indicating open / closed state and battery status.
  • Duracell CR123A lithium battery – lasts up to four years, depending on usage.
  • Adhesive mounting; no tools required.

Remote-control key fob

Sometimes a single click is the easiest way to take control. The remote-control key fob makes it easy to change modes in and around your home without the app – a handy option for children, pet sitters, and guests.

  • Arming / Disarming – activate specific areas based on system configuration.
  • Change of modes is confirmed by a red flash from the LED and a chime.
  • Panic alarm is generated by a long press on the alarm button.
  • Status of lithium battery is transmitted with each key-fob use.

Pre-order now on Indiegogo

Pre-order now

More features for more peace of mind

Our Smart Home Security System combines a range of flexible and high-tech features in one powerful product to help make life simple

Technical specification


  • 2GHz Snapdragon quad-core processor


  • 2MP HD camera with 1080p image sensor
  • 145° field of view
  • Night vision


  • 5W omnidirectional speaker with 3 microphone arrays
  • 90+ dB siren for alarms


  • Encrypted cloud storage
  • 246-bit AES encryption on device
  • Secure web transfer (SSL/TLS)


  • 802.11 Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac with MIMO
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Z-Wave Plus control
  • RF technology Bidirectional Radio 915MHz control RCHSKF1 (USA, Canada, S. America) with AES algorithm encryption


  • 8 GB Flash
  • 1 GB RAM


  • 5.2V
  • 2.4A AV adaptor
  • Lithium-ion battery (reserve power - estimated 30 mins)

Size (H x W x D)

  • 7.3 x 3.6 x 3.6 inches
  • 185.2 x 92.4 x 92.4 mm


  • 18.5 oz (525g) without battery
  • 20.3 oz (575g) with 1 cell battery

Smarter home living

The all-in-one Smart Home Security System works in perfect harmony with Honeywell's Lyric connected platform. Combine it with our Security Cameras, Thermostats and Water Leak Detector to enjoy a smarter home and the ultimate comfort and control.

Common Questions

What makes your product different from all the other security products out there?

Simply that it's much more than a security product – it's an all-in-one awareness and home-integration system. For the first time ever, it combines everything in one place, including an HD camera, voice assistant, and an app that gives you control of your smart technology and helps you see what's happening at home.

All that technology must be complicated – is it really that easy to use?

Like everything we do, we've designed this new system with one person in mind – you. It's your choice: Take control when you want it, or just let the system adapt as you come and go, and alert you when necessary. Simply take it out of the box, switch it on, and follow the easy installation instructions on the app. And if you do have questions, our support guides will be glad to help you connect to ultimate awareness.

What's the big deal with facial recognition? What does it do?

Teach your base station to recognize family and friends who should be there – so that it will notice strangers who shouldn't. (This function is not yet available and there may be legal restrictions on using it in specific states, such as Illinois.)

Do I need a new system if I move?

The beauty of your Smart Home Security system is that it grows with you and your home – wherever that may be. Renting a small studio? Perfect fit. Large family home? Ticks that box too. Just keep adding sensors where you need them and you'll be able to know what's happening around your home. And when it's time to move – it simply packs up and goes with you.

How reliable is the technology?

Let's put it this way: At Honeywell, we've been inventing ways to keep people comfortable and safe for more than a century – it's at the core of what we do. The result? Trusted technology that can help you keep an eye on your home and your family. It's certainly the system we want in our own homes.