Why isn't my Lyric Round thermostat booting up?

When first installed and or placed back on the wall, the Lyric thermostat's display should light up in a circle as it starts up and charges. This will take up to three minutes. If the display is not lighting up at all, or is partially lighting up, complete the following steps:
1. Check that the power is turned on at the system.
2. Verify there is not a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker.
3. Make sure that the thermostat is wired properly.
4. Verify that a fresh Lithium AAA battery is installed.
5. Check that the R/R&Rc dip switch is in the correct position for the HVAC system.
6. Verify that the wires are secure in their terminals. If a common wire is not intalled, it is possible that your system is not compatible with a thermostat that powers the display with the heating circuit.
Last updated: July 06, 2018
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