How do I change the email address I use to manage my Lyric?

If you already have a Lyric account linked to an email account and you wish to manage your Lyric from a new email account, you will need to invite yourself to manage your locations from that new email account.
1. Create a new Lyric account linked to the new email account you would like to use.

  • Click here for details on creating an account.

2. Invite your new email account to manage every location you would like to manage using the new account.

  • Click here for details on inviting a new user to manage a location.

3. Open your Lyric app using your new account credentials and confirm that the new account has been given access to all appropriate locations.

4. If you no longer wish to be able to manage your Lyric from your old account, open the Lyric app and remove your old email address from all appropriate locations.

  • Click here for details on removing a user from a location
Last updated: July 06, 2018
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