I just installed my Lyric thermostat and turned my power back on, but my Lyric is not starting up?

When first installed, your Lyric's display should light up in a circle as it starts up and charges. This will take up to 3 minutes.
My Lyric's display is not lighting up at all
1. Reference your photo and documentation of your previous thermostat's wiring and confirm that there weren't any errors in your Lyric wiring.

2. Confirm that the provided AAA Lithium battery is still installed in your Lyric.

Additional troubleshooting:
  • Confirm that your wires are properly labeled. You can trace the wires back to the heating and cooling equipment. That will allow you to determine the function of each wire at the system and then attach it to the matching terminal on the thermostat.
  • If you have a wire in the C terminal and have a voltage meter, you could also confirm that you have the proper voltage coming to your thermostat. Lyric needs 18-30 VAC to operate. This needs to be measured between the R and C terminals.
My Lyric's display lights up in a circle, then goes dark
The Lyric can power up using either battery power or AC power from its C wire. Once it is powered up, it will detect whether AC power is being provided through either:
  • The C wire
  • The W and/or Y wires attached to your heating and cooling systems

If only battery power is present, the Lyric may power up and then immediately go to sleep. Wave your hand in front of the Lyric's motion sensor to wake it up, and it will indicate if AC power is not present. To fix this, confirm that your power has been turned back on at the appropriate circuit breaker and continue the setup process.

Helpful hints: Make sure your furnace door is closed, confirm the power switch on your heating/cooling system switch is on and confirm that both your heating and cooling circuit breakers are in the on position.
Last updated: July 06, 2018
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