How do I change my geofencing settings in my Lyric thermostat?

CAUTION: Changing the geofence on your device will update the settings for all authorized users.

You can configure or change your geofence at any time.

To Change the Center of your Geofence
First, you'll want to be as close as possible to the thermostat. The geofence will be drawn around the current location of your smartphone, since Lyric will use your smartphone's location services to tell when you cross the boundary.

Open the Lyric app, tap the menu icon in the top left corner, tap the location where you want to set up a geofence, and tap "Geofence Settings." You'll see a map of your neighborhood, with a blue dot at the center representing your current geofencing center. Tap the GPS icon in the top right corner. This will move your geofence center to your smartphone's current location. The blue dot will now appear at your current location.

When your geofence center is where you'd like it, tap Save.

Note: Only make & save changes to the center of your geofence when you're near your thermostat.

To Change your Geofence Size

You can change your geofence size at any time without changing your geofence center. To set your geofence size, drag the black dot on the blue circle (your geofence boundary) in or out until it's at your preferred distance. You can think of the dotted black line between your home and your geofence as the balance between comfort (closest to the black dot) and savings (closest to the blue dot).

When your geofence is where you'd like it, tap Save.

Note: All users of a location share a single geofence size. When you make a change, you are making a change for all users that have access to this location.

For more information, please watch this instructional video:

Last updated: July 06, 2018
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