How do I change my Away setting on my Lyric?

From the App

Open your Lyric app, select your thermostat name and tap the gear in the upper right. You'll see "Home Settings" and "Away Settings" as the top two options.

Your Away settings will indicate if you've chosen Auto or Manual. Auto will let your thermostat automatically optimize your away temperatures to maximize your savings without sacrificing comfort. Manual will allow you to set specific temperatures you would like your thermostat to maintain when you are away. If you are in Manual mode, your cooling and heating temperatures will display in color. You can customize those temperatures by selecting the temperature you wish to change and then moving the dial.

To tell your Lyric when you will be away, press your Away shortcut, schedule a shortcut to trigger your Away setting at the time when you expect to leave the house, or configure your geofence to automatically trigger your Away setting when you reach your preset distance from home.
You can set any Away duration through the app.
For more on scheduling a shortcut, click here.
For more on configuring your geofence, click here.
From the Thermostat, You cannot configure your Away temperature settings from the thermostat.
To tell your Lyric when you will be away without using the app, press the house button on the right side of your Lyric. Then turn the thermostat until the central display shows the number of hours you expect to be away and your anticipated return time. This duration setting caps at 8 hours. The Lyric will immediately begin to adjust your home's temperature to match your Away setting. The Lyric will then manage your heating and cooling system so that your house will have returned to your preferred Home setting temperature by your preset return time.
Last updated: July 06, 2018
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