How do I program my TL8230 or TL8130 Thermostat?

To begin programming your thermostat, make sure that the Time and Day are correctly set. Press the “Hour” and “Min” buttons to set the Clock to the current time. Press the “Day” button to set the Day to the correct Day of the week.
The TL8230 or the TL8130 Thermostat has three temperature presets, the Comfort preset, the Economy preset, and the Vacation preset.
You will next need to determine at what temperatures you would like to set these presets.
The Comfort preset is intended to be used in Programs 1 and 3, while you are at home.
The Economy preset is intended to be used in programs 2 and 4, while you are away from the home, or asleep.
The Vacation preset is intended to be used to override the programming during vacations or other times when you are away from home for a period of 1 or more days. The thermostat displays the actual room temperature. To View the Set point Tap the temperature “Up” or “Down” button to see what the current set point is. The set point will be displayed for 5 seconds Use the up and down arrows to set the desired temperature and press and hold the “Sun” icon to set the at home temperature or press and hold the “Moon” icon to set the away from home temperature.
To Program the Thermostat:
Press the “Pgm” button to begin setting the programs. You can set the days individually by using the “Day” button to advance to the next Day, once the program time has been set or you can set all of the days at once by holding the Day button.
Press the “Clear” button if you wish not to have a program period and have the thermostat to skip period. Dashes will be displayed instead of a Time
To advance to the next program period press the “Pgm” button. The “Sun” temperature corresponds with programs 1 and 3 and the “Moon” temperature corresponds with programs 2 and 4.
Press the “Mode” button to exit and save Program times and settings. For more information on this thermostat please refer to the Owners Guide.

Please visit the following Websites:

Click here for the TL8230 Thermostat
Click here for the TL8130 Thermostat
Last updated: January 23, 2019
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