I have a large property and am concerned that a wireless product may not be suitable. What is the longest range Honeywell doorbell available?

The longest range for a Honeywell wireless doorbell is the series 9 Doorbell. Its range of up to 450 ft (measured in open field) is enough for most homes. However, the distance can be easily extended up to 900 ft by adding a second series 9 doorbell in the chain because the series 9 has a repeater feature to pass on the signal from the primary doorbell to the next. Here are the ranges for the different Honeywell doorbell series:
Series 9 (RDWL917A) - Up to 450 ft. (Up to 900 ft. with second Doorbell linked)
Series 5 (RDWL515A) - Up to 350 ft.
Series 3 (RDWL311A, RDWL313A, RDWL313P) - Up to 250 ft.
Note: Doorbell operating distance can be reduced by up to 20% depending on the materials the signal has to pass through. Metal items such as radiators, mirror backing or foil backed plasterboard, situated between the doorbell push button and the doorbell can also block the signals.
Last updated: July 06, 2018
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