What if the "WASH" LED light keeps appearing, even if I just washed it?

Your Electronic Air Cleaner can be converted to a Media Air Cleaner. To do this the Electronic Air Cleaner’s power supply must be removed or permanently disabled by a licensed HVAC service person. This is to prevent any possible fire hazard. Simply unplugging the Electronic Air Cleaner is not good enough because someone could come in behind you and plug it back in. After the power supply has been disabled, the metal cells in your air cleaner can be replaced with 4 inch thick media filters of the appropriate dimensions. Honeywell recommends either the FC100 or the FC200 Media Air Filter can be used by sliding the Media Filter Cartridge in to the same place the Cells were. The efficiency of your air cleaner will be reduced after being converted to the level of the Media Filters being used. The Media Filters will need to be replaced on a regular basis. Honeywell’s recommendation is to replace Media Filters every 6 months, more frequently if needed. Replacement Media Filters can be purchased from the HVAC service person or Heating and Cooling Contractor that converts your Electronic Air Cleaner to a Media Air Cleaner.
Last updated: July 06, 2018
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