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Decor Wireless Push Button (RPWL303A)

Our Décor Wireless Push Button – RPW303A has a snazzy look with its chrome/black finish. It’s also wireless, mounts on the surface and has a feedback LED, which lets guests know if the door chime rang.
Setup is simple and easy. No wires are required. Just follow the step-by-step installation instructions.
A wireless door pull that showcases the décor

Shopping for a wireless doorbell? There’s a lot to like about our Décor Wireless Push Button. The appearance is eye-catching — chrome and black. It includes a feedback LED indicator. Now when guests ring and are unsure if it worked, they get a notification. For the do-it-yourself installer, the push button mounts on the surface.

  • Feedback LED indicator
  • Self-learning push simplifies programming
  • Individually coded to avoid interference with other users
  • Surface mount
  • Battery included
  • DIY installation
Feedback LED Indicator
Guests don’t have to rely on hearing the door chime. The feedback LED indicator lets them know it rang.
Surface Mount
Surface mount can be easier to install, and the push button will extend outward once installed
Model/Sku #
Model number: RPWL303A
Setup is simple and easy
No wires are required. Just use the battery included in the package and follow the step-by-step installation instructions in the resources section below to install your Décor Wireless Push Button.


Download PDF
Decor Wireless Push Button Instruction Manual
Model: RPWL303A
English, French, Spanish

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