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Lyric Gateway

With Lyric Gateway, you can enjoy easy, affordable, automatic control of security, garage doors, locks, lights, thermostats and more—without having to remember to do them. Or, just control things from your everyday mobile devices or a sleek, easy-to-use interface whenever you want. The only limitation is your imagination.
The Lyric Gateway is a part of our Lyric Security and Home Control System. The Lyric Security and Home Control System is designed for how you really live, with a wireless connected platform that makes your home safer, smarter and more enjoyable than ever.

Lyric Gateway

The Lyric Gateway is intuitive, easy to learn and easy to use, whether you’re controlling security, thermostats, cameras, lights or can control everything with a tap on the app from a smartphone or tablet. The control panel features a sleek, low-profile design and looks great on a bookshelf, tabletop, virtually any flat surface.

Smart Scenes
You can schedule lights to turn on as the sun goes down or unlock the front door for the babysitter at the same time every week. The only limitation is your imagination.
Mobile Control
Lyric turns your smartphone into a smart home—whether you’re across the street or across the world. Control security, thermostats, lights, locks, cameras and more whenever you want, wherever you are.
24/7 Monitoring
You and your family can enjoy peace of mind 24 hours a day, seven days a week by having Lyric monitored by a central station.


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Lyric Wireless Family

The Lyric family of encrypted wireless devices—including smoke, motion and glassbreak detectors, keypad, door/window contact sensor, siren and keyfob—feature Honeywell SiX™ two-way wireless technology. The encrypted devices enhance the effectiveness of your security system while providing you with complete, whole-house protection. Stylish and unassuming, they preserve the beauty of your home while protecting it.

Lyric Gateway
Honeywell’s next-generation Lyric Gateway puts your home at your fingertips—all from your smartphone or tablet. The Lyric Gateway is intuitive, easy to learn and easy to use, whether you’re controlling security, thermostats, cameras, lights or locks with a tap of an app. Place it virtually anywhere in your home and control it from anywhere in the world.
Lyric Keypad
The Lyric Keypad enables easy, on-premises security system control for the ultimate convenience and flexibility. Sleek and stylish, it blends with any décor and can be placed on walls, tabletops or nightstands.
Smoke Detector
Provides the ultimate protection of life and property when professionally monitored 24/7. When one detector sounds, they all do— helping to ensure you’re notified wherever you are in your home.
Door/Window Contact
Low-profile devices provide superior protection for doors and windows.
Motion Detector
Can detect an intruder’s movement while letting pets up to 80 lbs. move freely about your home.
Glassbreak Detector
Listens for the sound of breaking glass and provides an excellent first line of defense against intruders.
Alerts you to alarm conditions with a loud siren and a bright, flashing colored strobe light.
Two-Way Wireless Key
Provides easy, fingertip control of security, lights and other devices and visually indicates system status with a bi-color LED.

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