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Wireless Chime & Push Button (RCWL100A)

Take our Wireless Chime & Push Button - RCWL100A with you around the house or yard. It’s portable. You can also mount it on a wall. It comes with basic operations, good sound quality and an easy installation.
Setup is simple and easy. Just gather the right batteries and follow the step-by-step installation instructions.
White. Wireless. Wherever you go.

Our Wireless Chime & Push Button is white, wireless and goes wherever you go. It’s a basic chime and that has its charm. It’s simple to operate. Installation is a breeze. And it performs for years to come.

  • 75-foot range (23 meters)
  • Portable — option of traditional wall mounting or taking the chime with you around the home or yard
  • Door chime and bell push has 16 codes available to prevent interference from other users
  • Battery operated
  • Compatibility A
  • DIY installation
This chime can be wall mounted or you can move it around the house
Multiple Chime Tunes
You can choose from the three chime tunes below.
  • Ding Dong
  • Ding
  • Westminster
  • Model number: RCWL100A
  • Color: White
Setup is simple and easy
Following the step-by-step installation instructions in the resources section below to determine what batteries are required and how to install your Wireless Chime & Push Button.


Download PDF
Portable Wireless Chime & Push Button Installation Manual
Model: RCWL100A
English, French, Spanish

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