Water Resistant Steel Fire and Security Safe (2208)

The security safe with the lever style handle

Some safes open in a cool way. This is one of those — our Water Resistant Steel Fire and Security Safe (2.20 cubic feet). After entering the code and unlocking, you grab the lever style handle and pull down to open the safe. Inside is a cavernous space for safely storing electronics, jewelry, important documents and other valuables. The safe is also water- and fire-resistant. If there’s a fire and water from emergency sprinklers or fire rescue, this safe offers a level of protection.

  • One-hour UL Class 350 fire protection - 1700 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Water-resistant door and cabinet design
  • Dual digital and key lock protection
  • Emergency override key access
  • Lever style handle
  • Two solid steel live lock bolts
  • Double steel wall construction
  • Heavy-duty steel casters
  • Two adjustable shelves
  • Pull-out storage tray
  • Four AA batteries included
  • Seven-year limited warranty with a lifetime after-fire guarantee
Protects against fire and water from emergency sprinklers, fire rescue, floods and other forms of water damage
• Model number: 2208
• Outer dimensions: 28.1 x 19.5 x 21.9 inches
• Interior dimensions: 20.1 x 13.6 x 13.4 inches
• Weight: 273 pounds
• Storage capacity: 2.20 cubic feet


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