Water Alarms

Water Defense Water Alarm 8 Ft. Cable Extension

Eight-foot cable for extending length of RWD41 Water Alarm

You need a bigger cable than the one that came with the RWD41 Water Alarm. This is it — our Water Defense Water Alarm 8 Ft Cable Extension. It’s just like your four-foot cable in its ability to detect water along the entire cable length. Here, you can connect the two to get 12 feet of water sensing cable, which is better for bigger uses.

  • Easily connects to Honeywell RWD41 Water Alarm
  • Eight-foot (2.4 meters) extension cable expands water detection length
  • System expandable up to 240 feet (73.2 meters)
  • Only system that allows homeowner to run water detection cable around the entire perimeter of a room or basement
  • One-year warranty
  • DIY installation
Water Detection
Detects water for the entire length of the cable. System expandable up to 240 feet.
Model/Sku #
Model number: RWD80

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