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Water Defense Water Alarm

Protect against the damaging impact of water leaks

Stop escaping water before it can do damage with our Water Defense Leak System Alarm. Just place the water sensing cable around water heaters, sump pumps, toilets, dishwashers — wherever a leak is possible. The four-foot cable can detect water along the entire cable. If water is detected, the alarm unit sounds an alert. The alarm can be mounted on a wall or in another room to help ensure you hear it. You can also create a longer cable by adding extensions. You can expand up to 240 feet, creating the ability to form a perimeter around a room or basement.

  • Water sensing cable detects water on entire length of cable
  • Audible alert when water is detected
  • Patented four-foot (1.2 meters) cable solution extends the detection zone offered by traditional spot detectors by 3,100%
  • Place cable in spots usually not observed (i.e., water heaters, sump pumps, basement perimeters, behind dishwashers, etc.)
  • Four-foot (1.2 meters) sensing cable included can be expanded to 240 feet (73.2 meters)
  • Six-foot (1.8 meters) leader cable allows alarm unit to be mounted on walls or in another room
  • Low battery alert
  • One-year warranty
Water Detection
Detects water for the entire length of the cable. Expandable up to 240 feet.
Perimeter Coverage
This system is the only one with a sensing cable that can expand to run around the entire perimeter of a room or basement
Model/Sku #
Model number: RWD42

Water Defense Water Alarm

Water Defense Water Alarm
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Model: RWD42
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