Steel Security Safe - Digital Dial Lock

The right size safe with digital dial lock technology

If you’re going to only own one safe, this might be the one. The space inside our Steel Security Safe - Digital Dial Lock is .90 cubic feet. That’s ideal space for safeguarding jewelry, cell phones, prescriptions, passports, documents and more. The locking mechanism is something else. It’s digital dial lock technology. The LED light displays the dial position exactly and you can turn the dial either way to reach the number. It’s easier to use and infinitely harder to break into.

  • Digital dial lock technology
  • Programmable five (two-digit) number code
  • LED displays dial position
  • Dual lock with companion entry key
  • Flat bottom doorway
  • Hidden hinges and recessed door
  • Carpeted interior
  • Bolt-down mounting kit
  • Emergency override keys
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Seven-year warranty
Digital-dial Lock Technology
To enter, select your five (two-digit) number code. LED light displays dial position for complete accuracy. Dial can be turned either way to reach number.
• Model number: 5203
• Outer dimensions: 11.73 x 14.96 x 12.48 inches
• Inner dimensions: 10.47 x 14.80 x 10.04 inches
• Weight: 33.0 pounds
• Storage capacity: 0.90 cubic feet


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