Water Alarms

Reusable Water Leak Alarm

Alarmed about water leaks? Get the alarm that warns you.

Your house systems could spring a leak at any moment. Will you hear about it the right way or discover it later, after the damage is done? With our Reusable Water Leak Alarm, you’ll hear the alarm first and be a first responder. Place alarms near water heaters, sump pumps, under sinks, dishwashers, wherever there’s a potential for a water disaster. If water is detected, it will sound an alarm for up to 24 hours (depends on your battery life). It’s economical to place alarms all around the house, so you can have true peace of mind.

  • Unlimited use spot detector; easily reset for reuse
  • Easy to use near water heaters, sump pumps, under sinks and behind dishwashers
  • Water sensor and alarm all in one
  • Economical way to defend against water leaks in multiple locations throughout the home
  • Loud audible alarm
  • Alarm sounds for up to 24 hours (dependent upon battery life)
  • Low battery chirp
  • Requires 9 volt battery (sold separately)
  • DIY installation
Peace of Mind
Knowing the damage that water can cause but knowing you have protection against it is the best of peace of mind
Model/Sku #
Model number: RWD21

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