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Programmable Timer Switch (RPLS730B)

Our Programmable Timer Switch – RPLS730B, RPLS731B can control an on/off schedule for lights and motors or be used as a conventional switch. Programming helps save on energy.
Setup is simple and easy. Verify compatibility with your lighting and/or motor, and then follow the step-by-step instructions.

Save on energy costs with this programmable timer switch

Parents constantly turn lights off that kids leave on. And who pays the energy bills? You do. That’s why you need our Programmable Timer Switch. With seven-day programming, you can schedule a light or motor to come on or go off seven days a week. Programming helps save on energy costs, making it an ideal energy-saving device. This programmable timer switch can help lower energy bills.

  • For use with lights and motors up to 2400W
  • Controls loads up to one horsepower on 120V
  • No minimum wattage required
  • Seven-day programming (up to seven on and seven off times per week)
  • Hidden programming buttons
  • Sleek design mounts flush with wall plate
  • Single pole installation (requires neutral wire)
  • Manual override enables load to be turned on/off without affecting programming
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Programming protected during power outages
  • Can also be used like a conventional on/off switch
  • Does not include wall plate
  • One-year warranty
  • DIY installation
Programmable devices such as timer switches can help save on energy costs
  • Model numbers: RPLS730B, RPLS731B
  • Colors: White or Almond
  • Dimensions: 1-13/16 in. wide x 2-23/32 in. high x 1-19/32 in. deep
  • Switch Plate is NOT included
Setup is simple and easy
The Programmable Timer Switch is designed to control lighting and motors. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions in the resources section below to determine compatibility and install the Programmable Timer Switch.


No. The timer requires a neutral.
The RPLS730, 731,740,741. TI072, TI035
RPLS530.531, 540,541,550,551. TI032, 034, 73, 72
RPLS730, 731. TI072, 035
Some models have a minimum load of 40W that must be met. If that load is met with LED bulbs then they will work. This applies to models RPLS530A, RPLS540, RPLS531A, and RPLS541A. Other models do not have a minimum load and will work.
Yes. A built-in battery saves the time and programming.
To override the programming, simply press the button to use the switch as a conventional on/off switch.
If this is a new installation check the wiring and make sure the load is above the minimum required by the timer,If it was working before check if the bulbs are still working.
Your Timer might be locked, this only applies for models TI073, PLS550 and PLS551.
For TI032-3W and TI034-3W models, no polarity needs to be respected during installation.
However, for 3-way installations follow the instructions carefully to make sure the common wire is properly connected on the two switches.

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Programmable Timer Switch (RPLS730B)
Model: RPLS730B, RPLS731B
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