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Portable Plus Wireless Chime & Push Button (RCWL210A)

Our Portable Plus Wireless Chime & Push Button - RCWL210A makes a case for portability. You can take the wireless chime around your home or yard, or place it on a table or counter. There are no wires to connect or programming. Other must-see features include easy access to volume control and the optional quiet flashing light alert.
Setup is simple and easy. No wires are required and there is no need to program the included bell push button. Just follow the step-by-step instructions.
The portable wireless chime

Most chimes mount on a wall. This chime broke the mold. Our Portable Plus Wireless Chime & Push Button is exactly that — portable. You can place it on a table, counter or mantel — anywhere in the home or even outside. You can also switch from audio announcement to an optional flashing light indication. This is ideal with napping children, the hearing impaired or home office workers who need to keep it quiet. The chime is also easy to install. No wires. No need to program the doorbell push button, just bliss for the do-it-yourselfer.

  • Portable in home or yard for ultimate convenience
  • Flashing light indication when chime push is activated
  • 150-foot range (46 meters)
  • Four chime tunes with CD-quality sound
  • Three adjustable volume levels
  • Works with up to four doorbell push buttons for additional doors throughout the home
  • Doorbell push button is individually coded to avoid interference with other users
  • LED feedback on the bell push to let guests know a signal has been sent
  • Compatibility: C
  • DIY installation
Optional Flashing Indicator Light
Instead of a chime tune, an optional flashing light indicator can be used. This is ideal when children take naps, for people with hearing issues and those working from home seeking uninterrupted work.
Because it’s wireless, this chime can be moved around the house and yard, wherever it’s convenient
Multiple Chime Tunes
You can choose from the four CD-quality chime tunes below.
  • Ding Dong
  • Fantasia
  • Westminster
  • Smart Saxophone
Model/Sku #
Model number: RCWL210A
Setup is simple and easy
No wires are required and there is no need to program the included bell push button. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions in the resources section below to install the Wireless Chime & Push Button.


Download PDF
Portable Chime With Push Button Installation Instructions
Model: RCWL210A, RCWL200A
English, French, Spanish

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