What if your thermostat adjusted to your dynamic lifestyle and connected world? Lyric™ does, thanks to the Lyric app. Once you download the app to your smartphone or tablet, an exciting new world of comfort, convenience and connection opens to you. With the Lyric app, you can control the Lyric thermostat from anywhere, or let it manage your comfort and savings automatically. You don’t have to lift a thumb. It uses your phone’s location services to determine when you’re home and away and manages the system for savings and comfort. Comfort. Savings. Life. Perfectly in tune.


• Control your Lyric thermostat from anywhere with your smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch.

• Geofencing uses your smart phone’s location to automatically control your home and away settings. When you’re away, you save. When you’re home, it’s just the way you like it — comfortable.

• Smart Cues™ alert your smart device when the Lyric needs attention, such as replacing a filter or scheduling service. Don’t worry about it. Relax.

• Access the Lyric app on your Apple Watch. Adjust thermostat, control geofencing, set to “Out of Town” mode with a simple tap. All the comfort of home is accessible on your wrist.

• Use Siri commands and the Lyric app to control the thermostat. This requires the Apple HomeKit.

Lyric Mobile App

Lyric Mobile App
Home app - Geofence
Home app - Install
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An iCloud Settings error means the Lyric mobile device is having trouble connecting with Apple® HomeKit™. Try verifying your iCloud settings and your Lyric app permissions.

  1. Update the iOS software to the latest version. The Lyric app is compatible with versions 9.0 or higher. Be sure you are using the latest Lyric app, available in the Apple App Store.
  2. On your iOS smartphone or tablet, go to Settings > iCloud. Ensure you are actively signed in to iCloud, that your iCloud Drive is On, and that iCloud Keychain is On.
  3. If iCloud does not appear or if you are still experiencing issues, turn off your iCloud Keychain. Then turn back on. It may take several minutes for the synchronization to complete. To learn more about iCloud syncing issue, click here.
  4. Verify your lyric app permissions to ensure that Home Data is turned on. If you don't allow the app to access Home Data, you will not be able to finish installing your Lyric thermostat or use the HomeKit integration or Siri with your thermostat. In your mobile device, go to Settings > Lyric. Turn Home Date to On.

In order to use your Lyric Thermostat with Siri or Apple HomeKit apps, you will need to have a second generation Lyric Round Wi-Fi Thermostat and use a C wire.

In your Apple mobile device, navigate to your device Settings. Scroll down to locate your iCloud and tap to open. Ensure the following iCloud settings:
1. Actively signed in to iCloud.
2. iCloud Drive is turned On.
If iCloud Drive does not appear, or if you are still experiencing issues, turn off iCloud Keychain, then turn it back on. You will need to know your iCloud password and phone code. For more information, visit Apple's FAQ page
3. Keychain is turned On.

You will also need to verify your Lyric app permissions are set to allow Home Data. In your Apple mobile device, navigate to the bottom to find your Lyric app and tap to open. Turn Home Date to On.

When installing your Lyric app for the first time you will be asked to allow the following permissions:
1. Access to Home Data
2. Access to Location Services
3. Access to Notifications

Lyric needs to use your Home Data to complete the installation of any Lyric thermostat, as well as to use the Apple HomeKit or Siri features. If you do not allow Home Data, you will be unable to configure your thermostat within the app. Location Services are required to use any location based temperature control. Notifications are required to receive smart alerts such as humidity levels, extreme indoor temperatures, or location based temperature control.

The Lyric Round™ Wi-Fi thermostat works with Apple Watch, Samsung SmartThings and Apple HomeKit. For a complete list of current integrations, please visit:

To ensure your second generation Lyric thermostat can be controlled by Siri or an Apple HomeKit app you will need to ensure certain Apple mobile device settings here.

For more information, please watch this instructional video:

From the App

Open your Lyric app, select your thermostat name and tap the gear in the upper right. You'll see "Home Settings" and "Away Settings" as the top two options.

Your Away settings will indicate if you've chosen Auto or Manual. Auto will let your thermostat automatically optimize your away temperatures to maximize your savings without sacrificing comfort. Manual will allow you to set specific temperatures you would like your thermostat to maintain when you are away. If you are in Manual mode, your cooling and heating temperatures will display in color. You can customize those temperatures by selecting the temperature you wish to change and then moving the dial.

To tell your Lyric when you will be away, press your Away shortcut, schedule a shortcut to trigger your Away setting at the time when you expect to leave the house, or configure your geofence to automatically trigger your Away setting when you reach your preset distance from home.
You can set any Away duration through the app.
For more on scheduling a shortcut, click here.
For more on configuring your geofence, click here.
From the Thermostat, You cannot configure your Away temperature settings from the thermostat.
To tell your Lyric when you will be away without using the app, press the house button on the right side of your Lyric. Then turn the thermostat until the central display shows the number of hours you expect to be away and your anticipated return time. This duration setting caps at 8 hours. The Lyric will immediately begin to adjust your home's temperature to match your Away setting. The Lyric will then manage your heating and cooling system so that your house will have returned to your preferred Home setting temperature by your preset return time.

To create a scheduled shortcut:

  1. Select the location you'd like to configure in the Lyric app.
  2. Press the "+" button at the bottom of that location's home screen to begin creating a shortcut.
  3. Set the trigger condition as "It is a specific time" and select the dates and times youd like that to happen.
  4. Select the change you'd like to make in your temperature or fan settings.
  5. Name your shortcut for easy reference.

Example: You may want to utilize your Away or Eco Mode settings when you're planning to be out of the house. You can use one shortcut for each event, so if you'd like to program your sleep time as 10 p.m. during the week and 11:30 p.m. on weekends, you only need to create one scheduled shortcut and modify the times for each day of the week. You could then name your shortcut "sleep" or "bedtime."

To watch a video tutorial on creating scheduled shortcuts, click here for iOS or here for Android.

The Lyric thermostat will gather local weather information from the internet based on your thermostat's ZIP code.
You will likely find it more convenient to have all thermostats linked to the same Lyric account. If you've been invited to join Lyric using an email address which differs from your existing Lyric account email address, we recommend that you ask your friend or family member to re-send their invitation to your correct address. Once the invitation is sent to your correct Lyric account email address, the new Lyric location should automatically appear in your list of locations. Open the app to begin controlling the new Lyric thermostat.

If you prefer to use a different Lyric account for each thermostat location, you will need to log in and out of your accounts to manage each location.

To register a Lyric account, first download the Lyric app. The app is available for iOS and Android, and can be found by searching "Lyric thermostat" in iTunes or Google Play. This app will be used to manage your Lyric. Then, follow the following steps:
  1. Start the app and press "Create Account" at the bottom of the login screen.
  2. Review the Honeywell Connected Home Privacy Statement and End-User License Agreement. If you accept its terms, press "Accept."
  3. Enter your first name, last name and email address.
  4. Create your password. For security, your password must be at least eight characters and must include at least one number, one lower case character and one upper case character. It may not include any special characters.
  5. Press Create Account. You will be sent an activation email at the email address you provided.
  6. Leave the Lyric app, log in to your email account and find your activation email. This email will be sent from If you did not receive an activation email, click [here] for troubleshooting tips.
  7. Click "Activate Account." You will receive a follow-up email confirming that you have successfully activated your account.
  8. Return to the Lyric app and begin to set up or manage your Lyric.

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