Humidifier Filters

Whole House Humidifier Pad (HC22P)

Improve moisture distribution of humidifier with a special pad

The better your humidifier is at putting moisture into the air, the more comfortable your home environment becomes. It’s not too dry, not too humid; it’s just right. The Honeywell HC22P1001 Whole House Humidifier Pad works with your humidifier to distribute moisture more evenly and thoroughly. The Pad also has an antimicrobial coating.

  • Honeywell humidifier paper pad with antimicrobial coating
  • Helps your humidifier unit distribute moisture more effectively
  • Change twice a year for maximum effectiveness
The Honeywell HC22P1001 Whole House Humidifier Pad is compatible with the following models:
  • HE100
  • HE150
  • HE220A
  • HE220B
  • HE225A
  • HE225B
  • HE240
Moisture Distribution
Pad helps humidifier distribute moisture more effectively
Antimicrobial Coating
Pad has an antimicrobial coating that acts to help inhibit mold, fungus, algae and bacteria from growing and spreading
Model/Sku #
Filter model: HC22P1001


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