Humidifier Filters

Whole House Humidifier Pad (HC18P)

The whole house humidifier pad for RP, Chippewa and Walton humidifiers

You have an RP, Chippewa or Walton humidifier. If you’re looking for a whole-house humidifier pad designed just for your thermostat, we have that. The Honeywell HC18P1009 Whole House Humidifier Pad features a micro-free coating. The pad helps the humidifier distribute moisture evenly and thoroughly. Together, the pad and the humidifier can make your home more comfortable.

  • Paper pad with micro-free coating
  • Fits RP, Chippewa and Walton
The Honeywell HC18P1009 Whole House Humidifier Pad is compatible with models:
  • RP
  • Chippewa
  • Walton
Moisture Distribution
Pad helps humidifier distribute moisture more effectively
Model/Sku #
Filter model: HC12P1009


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