Weathered LED Security Light

Make your outdoor space safer and more enjoyable

When you’re outside, safety is essential for enjoyment. Our Weathered LED Security Light, 3500 Lumen provides dusk-to-dawn lighting so outdoor living spaces feel safer. The light produced comes from 42 integrated 1-watt LEDs. It’s enough to produce 3500 lumens, yet only uses 45 watts. Energy efficiency is why the security light is UL and ENERGY STAR certified. And while it has a weathered look, rest assured the aluminum construction makes for a sturdy security light.

  • 3500 lumen dusk-to-dawn LED security light in weathered aluminum finish
  • Integrated LED lights never need replacing and only use 45 watts
  • UL and ENERGY STAR certified
  • Aluminum construction
  • No bulbs to replace, 42 integrated one-watt LEDs
  • Five-year warranty
  • DIY installation
ENERGY STAR certified
The security light is ENERGY STAR certified and only uses 45 watts
Model/Sku #
Model number: MA0201-17

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