Air Purifier Filters

Replacement Ultraviolet Bulb, HUV-145

UV replacement bulb that is easy to install

With expensive bulbs, you want to be extra careful handling them. This is less of a concern with the Honeywell Replacement Ultraviolet Bulb, HUV-145. It’s encased so you don’t need to directly handle the bulbs or connections. Simple slide the bulb housing in and out of the air purifier’s housing. Installation and removal is simple and easy. For optimal performance, replace bulbs every nine months.

  • UV Replacement Bulb
  • Ultraviolet bulbs help reduce airborne germs from the air that passes through the unit
  • Package includes one bulb
  • Replace approximately every nine months (when used 24 hours per day) or when the UV replacement indicator turns red
  • Three-year limited warranty
The Honeywell Replacement Ultraviolet Bulb is compatible with the HHT-145 and HHT-149 Air Purifier Series
Replacement Schedule
Replace ultraviolet bulb every nine months for optimal performance
  • 1500 watts
  • Color: White

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