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Demineralization Cartridge for HUT-200 Humidifier (HDC-200PDQ)

Hard water has met its match — Honeywell Demineralization Cartridge Q

Hard water with its high mineral content can interfere with your Honeywell HUT-200 Cool Humidifier’s performance. Honeywell Demineralization Cartridge Q is a filter that acts to neutralize minerals in the water. It also helps prevent “white dust” caused by hard water from interfering with your humidifier’s operation. You should replace the cartridge filter every 20-30 fillings for best results.

  • Replacement Filter Q
  • Helps neutralize minerals in the water
  • Includes two filters
  • Helps prevent “white dust”
  • For best results, replace every 20-30 fillings
Replacement Filter Q is compatible with the following models:
• HUT-200
• HUT-220
• HUT-200 series Easy-To-Care Mist Humidifiers
“White Dust” Prevention
Cartridge Q helps prevent “white dust” from forming that can interfere with humidifier’s performance
Neutralizes Minerals
Cartridge Q neutralizes minerals in hard water
Model/Sku #
Filter model: HDC-200PDQ


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