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Air Filter Standard Efficiency 16x25x1 - Merv 8 (CF108A)

Honeywell Air Filter Standard Efficiency CF108A1625/A

Honeywell Air Filter Standard Efficiency CF108A1625/A, 16x25x1 – MERV 8 features a 15% microparticle capture rating, which is higher than any competing model. The filter’s micro defense offers 71% efficiency at filtering air particles such as pollen, dust, airborne mite debris, mold spores, common allergens, clothing fibers and carpet fibers. Each filter lasts up to three months.

  • MERV 8 rating
  • Easy flow energy efficiency: heavy-duty frame and reinforced filter
  • Filter carries a 15% microparticle capture rating
  • Outperforms all other filters in its class
  • Lasts up to three months
MERV Rating 8
Up to 20 times more efficient than a typical fiberglass filter
15% Microparticle Capture Rating
This rating is higher than any competing model
  • Product dimensions: 15.50 x 24.50 x 0.90 inches
  • MERV = “Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value” — this is used to rate the overall effectiveness of an air filter. Below you will find a link to a table that measures the MERV strength and tells you the application of each unit's effectiveness. In general, an air filter with a higher MERV Rating is more effective and has a broader application, but most residential homes will find the best use from an air filter between the 5-12 MERV rating.

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