2 Stage LED Pir Floodlights

Floodlight or security light? Get both with this light.

If you’re unsure if you need a floodlight or security light, get both in our 2 Stage LED PIR Floodlights, 2400 Lumens. From dusk to dawn, the light provides accent lighting. But with the motion sensor, if motion is detected, the light automatically activates an extra 2000 lumens of bright white security lighting. Suddenly, whatever is out there will now have bright light shining on it. Flood or security lighting, the light uses ultra-long-life LED bulbs that provide an 80% energy savings compared to a 120 watt PAR halogen bulb. Feel safer with the light and smarter with the savings.

  • LED 2 stage security light
  • 400 lumens, dusk-to-dawn accent light
  • 2400 lumens motion-activated bright security lighting
  • 80% energy savings compared to 120 watt PAR halogen bulb
  • Die-cast aluminum construction
Light Duty
Two-stage security light generates 400 lumens of nighttime illumination. If motion is detected, it automatically activates an additional 2000 lumens of bright white security lighting
Model/Sku #
Model number: NS0501-78

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