Fire Resistant Executive 14 Gun Safe - Digital Lock (3014D)

Safeguard firearms and ammunition from fire and unauthorized use

If you own guns, you need a gun safe. Our Fire Resistant Executive 14 Gun Safe (8.85 cubic feet) can hold up to 14 guns and ammunition, as well as protect from fire. It also has temperature and humidity gauges that monitor the inside of the gun safe, so you know exactly what’s going on at all times. The three- to eight-digit programmable digital look keeps everyone out but you.

  • 30-minute 1400 degrees Fahrenheit ETL-rated fire protection
  • Temperature and humidity gauge monitors interior conditions with external LCD
  • Three- to eight-digit programmable digital lock
  • Four AA batteries for digital lock included
  • Emergency access keys (two included)
  • Adjustable/Removable 14-gun rack
  • Removable internal ammo lockbox
  • Predrilled mounting holes
  • Mounting kit with bolts included
  • Six steel one-inch diameter locking bolts
  • Sturdy open/close spindle handle
  • Four AA batteries included
  • Seven-year limited warranty
Safeguarding firearms and ammunition
This safe has special features for safeguarding firearms and ammunition, including a 14-gun rack, removable internal ammo lockbox, plus a temperature and humidity gauge that monitors internal conditions
• Model number: 3014D
• Outer dimensions: 59.1 x 22.8 x 19.7 feet
• Inner dimensions: 56.3 x 20 x 13.6 feet
• Weight: 324.7 pounds
• Storage capacity: 8.85 cubic feet


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