Digital Steel Laptop Security Box with Secure Cable Tether (6110)

Protect your valuables with this safe that fits your on-the-go lifestyle

If you go out frequently or move a lot, you may need to protect expensive electronics, important documents or other small valuables. Our Digital Steel Laptop Security Box with Secure Cable Tether (.49 cubic feet) was designed for college dorms and apartments where the risk of theft is higher. It comes with a tether for securing the safe wherever it’s placed. Other features such as a concealed hinge and double steel wall construction help protect from theft and fire. In addition, there are convenience aspects to the security box, including a programmable digital lock with a touch keypad that makes opening the safe simple and easy.

  • Programmable digital lock with touch keypad
  • Secure high-strength cable tether
  • Concealed hinge for added theft protection
  • Foam padded floor helps keep your valuables from being damaged
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Scratch-resistant powder coat finish
  • Double steel wall construction
  • Fire-resistant insulation
  • Includes two emergency access keys
  • Three-year warranty
Cable Tether
The box keeps your valuables from theft, but what keeps the box from being stolen? That’s the cable tether that can be used to tie down the security box and comes with 650-pound torque.
• Model number: 6110
• Outer dimensions: 5.62 x 17.5 x 12.81 inches
• Inner dimensions: 4.38 x 16.63 x 11.63 inches
• Weight: 14.6 pounds
• Storage capacity: 0.49 cubic feet


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