Digital Non-Programmable Thermostat (RTH110B)

The Digital Non-Programmable Thermostat offers a slim, compact design and a large, easy-to-read display with features such as precise comfort control.
Verify compatibility with your home heating and cooling system, remove your existing thermostat and follow step-by-step instructions for installation.
User-friendly on the outside. Tech-friendly on the inside.

You want a thermostat that looks good but also performs. Get to know our Digital Non-Programmable Thermostat with features that offer visual appeal without sacrificing smart functionality that makes life more convenient and comfortable.

  • Large easy-to-read display
  • Easy-access battery replacement
  • Set point retained in memory (in the event of power outage)
  • Slim compact design
  • One-year warranty
  • DIY installation
Precise Comfort Control
Within +/-1 degree F for maximum comfort
Auto Change
Go from heat to cool automatically
Model/Sku #
Model number: RTH110B

Compatible with systems

  • This thermostat is compatible with heating and cooling systems.
  • It is not compatible with heat pumps and electric baseboard heat (120/240V).

Follow the quick installation guide that comes with the Digital Non-Programmable Thermostat RTH110B. If you misplaced this guide, you can find it in the resources section below. Installation is fast and easy. Remove your old thermostat, but be sure to label the wires. Install and wire your new thermostat. Set your new thermostat to match your heating/cooling system.

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