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Digital Door Lock and Deadbolt in Polished Brass (8612009)

Digital door lock and deadbolt with “bump key” protection
A door lock should not only lock but also make you feel safe. We couldn’t agree more. To protect against “bump key,” our 2 Digital Door Lock and Deadbolt in Polished Brass has a specially designed pin and tumbler configuration that provides added protection. Our lock has several other key features, including a programmable lock that lets you set up special codes for multiple users. There’s a remote control fob you can use for quick access. Coming home at night, you’ll also like the backlit keypad that comes on automatically. For installing, simple-to-follow instructions are included.

  • Programmable multi-user codes
  • Keypad automatically backlit when in use
  • Two entry keys for non-electronic entry and comes with remote
  • Adjustable latch fits 1-3/8-inch to 1-3/4-inch thick doors and 2-3/8-inch to 2-3/4-inch adjustable backset
  • Four (4) AA batteries required (not included)
  • DIY installation
Programmable Lock
Allows you to set up individual codes for multiple users
Model/Sku #
Model number: 8612009


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