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Decor Wired Door Chime (RCW250N)

Our Decor Wired Door Chime - RCW250N has broad appeal. The sleek and simple design matches just about any decor. The white color can match or complement your house color. The chime itself can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The volume of the chime tune is also adjustable.
Setup is simple and easy. Once you’ve determined if you want to use battery power or a transformer, then you’ll follow the step-by-step instructions.
Enhance your home appeal with our Décor Wired Door Chime

Make your home the envy of the neighborhood with our Décor Wired Door Chime. The white look and simple design complement any décor. Hear family, friends, neighbors and delivery people at the door with a chime tune of your choosing. All feature CD-quality sound and fully adjustable volume. To enhance the look further, you can mount the chime vertically or horizontally.

  • Sleek and simple design fits any décor
  • CD-quality sound
  • Six chime tunes
  • Fully adjustable volume
  • Mounts on wall
  • Works with up to three doorbell push buttons from an array of attractive designs and finishes
  • Compatibility: B
  • DIY installation
Sleek, Simple Design
This chime’s design is sleek and simple, which complements any décor
Multiple Chime Tunes
You can choose from the six CD-quality chime tunes below. Plus, an alert tone is included.
  • Ding Dong
  • St Clements
  • Westminster
  • Tube Chime
  • Warm Brass
  • Fantasy
  • Alert
Mount Vertically or Horizontally
You can mount your chime vertically or horizontally to suit your look and preference
Adjustable Volume
This wired chime comes with a volume control that can be adjusted for your home size or ability to hear
Model/Sku #
Model number: RCW250N
Setup is simple and easy
The power for this wired chime can come from a battery or transformer (hardwired). Determine which option you prefer and then you’re ready for the step-by-step instructions for installing the Décor Wired Door Chime. These instructions can be found in the resources section below.


Download PDF
Decorative Wired Chimes Installation Instructions
Model: RCW35 and RCW25 Series
English, French, Spanish

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